Saturday, March 22, 2008

Video Fun Part VII: Memories!

Hey LCLs,

Sorry it's been a few days. Darren and I have been decompressing, getting back into the swing of our relatively normal and unexciting life in L.A. That means we're back to tutoring Korean high schoolers and editing undergraduate and graduate school admissions essays. So it goes.

We're also waiting on pins and needles for two upcoming screenings:

1. Our NYC screening next Tuesday
2. Our LA screening the Tuesday after

Both are for potential distributors and we're nervous as all hell about them. Those screenings, perhaps more than the screenings in Austin, will go a long way towards determining whether, and in what capacity, "Humboldt County" reaches its audience.

So on the next couple of Tuesdays, hold your breath and say a little prayer for Humboldt.

Here's another video for you. Enjoy!


TheSurfaceNYC said...

Is there anyway a really excited person in NYC can come see the screening? It can be our little secret. My email is thesurfacenyc@


Danny Jacobs said...


Hey man, we're so appreciative that you are so stoked for the movie. Unfortunately, we couldn't really invite anyone to the screening. It's basically just for distributors. But the more you get the word out, the more all the LCLs talk up the film, the more buzz that is generated, the more likely we'll all be able to go to our local movie houses and take in "Humboldt County." So keep supporting the film and I'm sorry we couldn't invite the LCL community to the screening.

Anonymous said...

Hi , D & D !!!!
Keep passing those H.C. rolling papers around . Just one person commenting (Example ; A popular talk show host ) about them will open the door to this movie . Before you know it everyone will want to see this flick . Please keep distributing those papers .