Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Austin Diary Vol. 1 -- 3/4/08

Dear LCLs:

Darren Grodsky here, blogging to you from "Austin's Pizza" on Guadalupe Street. It's 3:45, and I'm drinking a diet coke while a few Europeans nearby scream at the television which is showing a fut-ball match. Every other television is dedicated to the retirement of Brett Favre. Let us all take a moment of silence for the great Brett.


Ok, that's better. Here is my Austin experience thus far:

Yesterday afternoon: Flight

Uneventful. 3 hours. Slept a good portion of it. I have a bit of a head cold, and as a result the descent led to popping of the ears and head pressure that felt like diving down to the deep end of a 20 foot deep pool. It was painful. I think my ears finally completely popped back at 11:30 this morning.

Arrival in Austin: Yesterday 5 pm

Got my rental car (a white Chevy. First class all the way) and headed to my cousin Tanya's house. Tanya is married (Scott) and has an adorable 2 year old named Samantha. Last time I was in Austin, Tanya was pregnant, and Scott and I spent much of the weekend frequenting various bars and restaurants throughout Austin. It was incredible. I am excited to be able to party with Tanya and Scott this time. P.S. They like to party. This is going to be a wild week.

Dinner #1

Tanya, Samantha and I went to Chuy's, for some Tex Mex. When I eat Mexican, I eat more tortilla chips than most Superbowl parties. It's sick. When we ordered the queso, I had already consumed two baskets. I kept going. Also had the "Big as your face Burrito," with steak. It was as advertised. Ate it all. And a frozen margarita. Good start.

Today: Alamo Ritz, Whataburger, & UT-Austin

Slept in, trying to knock out this cold. It's almost gone. This morning, I went to check out the Alamo Ritz, where the movie will screen Friday night. Awesome place. Cool neighborhood. It's not just a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, but it's also a party. I marvelled at how few seats 175 really is. We have a large contingency of friends and family coming down. We are a bit concerned. We shall see...

Ate lunch at the What-a-burger, in honor of a late night stop I made with Scott last time in Austin. Ate a Barbecue Cheddar Burger and fries. It was huge. And delicious.

Headed to Guadalupe street, aka "The Drag" and UT-Austin. Walked around campus. Ate a cookie at the Mellow Mushroom. Passed out some rolling papers (don't worry, LCLs, we'll have more after SXSW), talked to some people about the film.

Now, I'm about to head downtown to some more hotspots that were recommended by my cousin, and I'll be meeting them for dinner and drinks at a BBQ place around 6:30.

Danny arrives tomorrow.

We screen Friday. Excitement builds...

Stay tuned for the next edition of the Austin Diary!



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