Thursday, March 6, 2008

Austin Diary Vol. 3 -- 3.6.08

How do you put the nail in the coffin of a head cold?

Heavy drinking. Who knew?

Since we last spoke, dear LCLs...

Danny Jacobs arrived in Austin, Texas.
He was wearing new prescription sunglasses, and brandishing a brand new Mac Book Pro or somesuch. Very expensive looking. Very nice. What an ass. We immediately headed for food, because Danny had planned poorly and had only eaten a bagel all day. After a trip through the drive through at P. Terry's, a local burger stand (organic), Danny was satiated and satisfied.

We were off to promote and put up posters: Whole Foods Market, head shops downtown, bars/restaurants around the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz were all attacked by the d&D (Danny got to see the theater where we'll be screening. TOMORROW)

First SXSW Party
At a place called the Belmont downtown, upstairs we hung with other filmmakers and met the famous Matt Dentler, who runs this whole experience, for some drinking and snacks (Dentler, by the way, doubly endeared himself to me by 1) being engaged to a lovely lady named Jarren. Great name, and 2) buying me a Maker's Mark, on the rocks. An unnecessarily nice gesture, but noted for its extreme generosity. Check out Matt's awesome SXSW (and other things) blog here.

First night of Debauchery
What followed the party is difficult to describe. Danny and I were joined by my cousin and our old dear friend Josh Katz, for some preliminary drinking. Josh had to excuse himself to go to sleep (something about waking up early for a job), and the three of us embarked on a bar-hopping excursion that led to me losing my credit card, dancing to the tunes of novelist Larry McMurtry's son, and ending our night at 3 am at Whataburger (unnecessary, but delicious).

The result of all that: a late start to our day, and oddly, the end of my head cold.

Now we're off to promote promote promote.


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