Sunday, March 9, 2008

Movies and Press and meetings, oh my!

Hey LCLs,

So...where to begin. This feels like a bar mitzvah. So many people in town. So many things to do. Hopefully, at the end of the week, Darren and I will get to read a haftorah portion and be anointed "men."

We've been busting it. Last night we went out with a huge group and celebrated my birthday a little early by doing some bowling, hard core. Then we made our way back to 6th street in downtown Austin for some more drinky drinky. All was fantastic. It was so great to have family and friends down here to celebrate with and, though Darren and I are slowly losing our voices, our spirit remains strong.

Today we did a bunch of interviews and photo shoots with the wonderful actress, Madison Davenport (Charity). They went really well. There are so many reviews and pieces coming out on the film daily at this point that, to be honest, Darren and I really have no idea what's out there and what's not. So if you're diehard, just do a google search and read to your heart's desire. Hopefully, soon, we'll post some links after the insanity of this experience dies down a bit.

Tonight we've got still more interviews and a couple of shmoozing events. At some point, I actually hope to see a MOVIE.

But first, I've got some Hebrew to study.


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Sash said...

haha don't worry about the hebrew, thats my job not yours. Anyway mazel tov on the movie and Yom Huledet Same'ach for the whole birthday thing :)