Saturday, March 8, 2008

People have actually paid to sit in a movie theater and watch our movie

Hello Faithful LCLs:

The first ever dual posting....

Not duel.

Dual. Meaning both of us.

So far, all Darren.

Darren continues: it's been a whirlwind. We screened last night to a packed house at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz downtown. We turned away over 100 people, including some friends who wanted to see the movie. That was hard, but we sure do appreciate the support.

Danny: The screening was craaaay-ze. Spelled just like that. I was so nervous I thought I was going to projectile vomit across multiple rows of seating.

Darren: A quick rundown of the leadup to that screening: Danny and I did a morning interview with IFC that will air tonight on IFC:

Saturday, March 8th at 8:15pm EST/ 6:15pm MST/ 5:15pm PST on IFC TV.

We then checked into the festival, got our badges and bags and headed to lunch with friends and early arriving family (Cajun place on 6th street called Roux. Good stuff). From there, we checked into the Hyatt downtown, changed (I wore a suit, Danny did not), and headed to the theater to await the screening.

Danny: During the screening, Darren and I stood in the back and tried not to pass out. With a drama, it's harder to guage the reaction of an audience during a movie compared to comedies. So, we weren't totally sure how people responded to it in the moment...but afterwards, it was pretty clear that the screening went really well.

Darren: Today, we were going to do a couple things in the afternoon but Danny swallowed his girlfriend's contact lenses which screwed up our day. He's an idiot.

Danny: What do you want from me? I was hungover and looking for water. Plus, who puts lenses in a mug?

Darren: Well, to her credit she did tell you that the lenses were in the mug. You just were too drunk to remember. That's pretty retarded.

Danny: Okay, can we just forget about it already and focus here?

Darren: Fine.

Danny: Thank you.

Darren: Idiot.

Danny: Darren!


We'll try to keep posting as often as possible, but things are crazy busy! More to come...



Jerry said...

D & D
Good work . I knew it would be a sucess . You guys are brilliant . Your the greatest & i really mean that .
I'm following your blogs ( even that your doing a good job on ) as long as i am in town .

Anonymous said...

A BIGGGGG hell yea to both of you!!!! I just heard about this....the trailer looks SMOKIN!!!! Danny - Whatever happened to that little Einstein??? That is a memory from our early school years I never forgot (I almost 100% sure it was you..LOL). Darren - I remember you talking about getting in the movie business when we worked at IMO's back in the day -- great to see dreams can come true. I wish you both continued success!

Peace, Aaron Liess PNH '97

Anonymous said...

I'm continually reading your blogs every day . Not only have i found you ( D & D ) intelligent and talented but , after this last one you guys are really funny . Sure got a chuckle out of me . Even though no one may be leaving comments I'm sure everyone is reading your blogs with interest and a smile .
Jerry Droz