Thursday, March 13, 2008

Final Screening in 3 Hours...

Danny's post regarding our second screening said it all. It was truly one of the greatest nights of our lives. So many people wanted to see Humboldt County, and when they announced to the line that they were going to open up another screen, the place erupted in applause. On that night, our film was a great success. And all the hard work, the dark times, the highs and lows, they all came together in a kind of cathartic rush of energy as people filed in to watch our movie. Thanks to all you LCLs and all the people who have come out to support the film thus far. It's not our film anymore, it's yours.

We screen once more, in just 3 hours, and then Danny heads back to LA (I return tomorrow). What a ride it's been. Expect some posts as we decompress and process all that has transpired.

Talk soon, LCLs...


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