Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oops, we did it again.

Well, we had our final screening - a slot very difficult to bring in a good audience for: 1:30 PM on a Thursday. Many people are at work, those that aren't are seeing the likes of Van Morrison, Spoon, REM, and Vampire Weekend in the huge SXSW music fest.

So what happened?

We sold out.

2 theaters.


And still turned away 50 people.

The SXSW staff members on hand at the theater couldn't believe it. They haven't seen anything like it in their many years at the festival. Seriously, Darren and I figured we'd maybe get to 75 percent capacity in one theater. We could never have imagined that we'd duplicate our success from Tuesday night. But we did.

While most of the other films at the festival were having difficulty selling out their theaters, we were having no trouble. I am so amped, I don't even know what to say. It was amazing. The screenings started late as the amazing SXSW and Alamo Drafthouse staff hustled to get the film print ready and interconnected into two separate projectors. At one point the film print fell off the platter (the thing that holds the film) and we got delayed in starting the film(s). Finally, 25 minutes late and with the audiences beginning to get a little grumpy, the HC played for the final time as part of SXSW 2008. At one point, Darren and I went into one of the theaters to watch one of our favorite scenes and then walked right to the next theater to watch it again (The second theater was running about 2 minutes behind the first). It was thrilling, and humbling, and exciting.

No matter what happens the rest of the way (and we hope much happens), we were absolutely floored by our experiences at SXSW. I'm back in LA now - I have an audition tomorrow that I had to get back for. Darren will be returning tomorrow. What a ride. What. A. Ride.

Thank you all who read this blog and support the film. Let's all cross our fingers now and hope to dear god that this is only the beginning....

Peace and Humboldt love,

P.S. This is Darren and I in front of the two theaters. Notice how they say "Humboldt County 1" and "Humboldt County 2". Pretty freakin' great.

Also, here's one more shot. This is the crowd waiting in the theater after we already filled up one theater. The line goes waaay out the door....


Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys!

I ask again what's been asked before: when can we expect a screening up here in Humboldt? Are we going to have to wait for a distribution deal, or can you just hump it up here and let us have at it?

Danny Jacobs said...

Hey LCLs,

For those of you in Humboldt proper, I know you've been asking about when we're going to screen up there. We're doing everything we can to make it happen. Believe me, the second that we know something about when a Humboldt screening will take place, we'll let you know.


Karen said...

Hey Darren,
Sorry we missed seeing you after the screening Thursday. Sharon was right - the film is great! Best of luck in the future and thanks for 94 minutes of enjoyment...along with a few tears.
The Goodins

Sarah said...

Yeah guys!! I am so thrilled for you both. Glad I made it on the blog in the sold out second screening photo.
Stay in touch...See you in LA. Sarah x

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you both, and for HC! I can't wait for this movie to get picked up and make it's way to theaters!!! Things are looking good :^)

Anonymous said...

Kool.............way Kool , Gentlemen!
I have been saying from before any screening that this film will be a smash . Controversial . The marijuana poster is fantastic and the rolling papers was a great idea but , but , but you need to patent those dang things before someone else does .
Again .....................Congratulations Guys !!! J.

Mike the Logger said...

Okay, I was just going to read the other comments and move on but then I looked over to the group of seemingly random letters above the "word verification" box and they say "rolpot"... while many up here would consider that "a sign" I am inclined to wonder if this thing is rigged...

And now for some commenting actually related to this blog...

So we are the LCL's but what shall we call our duo of victorious directors? D&D, Double D, the Ambiguously Straight Duo, Grodsky & Jacobs - makes you sound like lawyers (but would that be bad is the question).

It seems obvious after a review of other directing duos that you guys are going to need to come up with a snappy one-off title. So consider that your assignment (because you probably don't have much else going on right now), I'll be puting some thought into it and if I come up with any gems I'll be sure to let you know.


Carson Park Ranger said...

Are you sure you guys aren't from here originally?