Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Summer is in the air....and that means...

So our private screening was last night in New York and I heard it went well. Neither Darren or I was there but our intrepid Producer's Rep was. A producer's rep basically is given the task of selling a film. He does everything he needs to do to get this baby into theatres or homes.

Anyway, Captain Deadpan got the report from him and the report was that the screening went well. The distributors that came apparently stayed for the entire film, which is a good sign. You have no idea how many times distributors will only go to a film for about 20 minutes before leaving. It happens more often than you'd think. In fact, from what I can gather, it happens way more often than distributors watching an entire movie. It's an entirely nutty practice if you ask me. I don't understand how it's possible that someone could decide whether or not they like a movie after the first twenty minutes but that's just me.

Anyhoo, a couple distributors didn't show up so the next week plus is going to be spent loaning our 35mm print around to those NYC companies so that they can screen the film on their own time. Then next week, we'll do it all again for the companies out here in LA.

Darren and I are trying to stay as aloof as possible. That is made all the more easy by the fact that Dgro and I have something like six days to get our next script, The New York Challenge, into fighting shape. Our intrepid producer has applied to a producer's program thingy with our script and they want to see the next draft by the end of March. Which means we're writing much faster than I'm comfortable with but, hey, that's show business babby!

In other, much much much more important news....THE BASEBALL SEASON HAS BEGUN!!! And once again, I've purchased the Extra Innings cable package so I can watch my beloved Cardinals throughout the season. Many wasted afternoons are in my future, I can smell it already.

Okay, LCLs, take care and for any of you that were at SXSW and saw the film, please go to www.imdb.com and write a user review of the film!

Let's talk soon, guys. This has been fun.


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Jessica said...

when will Humboldt County get to see "Humboldt County"?
I'm actually surprised I'm not seeing more PR pushing around this. Somehow, I've stumbled upon it. But I am just one.