Saturday, March 15, 2008

SXSW Premiere Night Pictures

Hey guys! Just wanted to post some pics from our premiere night at SXSW today. Happy Saturday!

This one is Dgro with his momma at the after party post-premiere.

This one is just after the premiere screening in front of the theater. I have no idea who I'm looking at or what I'm thinking.

This one is me and my moms. She had never seen the film before the premiere. This is just after the movie ended, in front of the theater.

This is during the Q&A after our premiere screening. That lovely lady between us is Madison Davenport, who played "Charity." She was the rockstar of the show. Darren and I just blathered nonsensically.

One more wide-shot of the premiere Q&A.

Ahh Austin. Lovely lovely town.

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