Monday, March 10, 2008

Darren on a panel!

Hey guys,

So today, Darren was on an SXSW panel about drugs in film. It was kind of hilarious because the moderator clearly had an agenda, and that agenda was to give an entire history of drugs in film through the decades. So basically, he'd show a clip of like "Dazed and Confused" and then turn to the panelists and ask, "So wasn't that movie great?"

It was kind of hilarious. That is, until Darren made me come up and join everyone near the end. The things I do for this movie.

What was kind of annoying to me was that the moderator kept presenting movies like "Dazed" and "Big Labowski" as if they were about pot. The reality is they have nothing to do with pot. They are about growing up, and getting your rug back. Pot is just something the characters participate in, but it does not define them, nor the movies they exist in.

So it seemed to me that the underlying premise of the entire panel was kind of weak. Still, Dgro did a standup job and came off well. Anyhoo - festivities continue tonight. We've got a bunch of parties we have to attend to and then we're having a big b-day dinner for me with 18 people. Yikes.

Many of my friends (and my mom) have now left town. I'm beginning to feel the beginnings of a letdown coming....

Pictures are coming SOON. We promise.

Peace OUT,

P.S. Hey, wasn't that Cheech and Chong movie awesome?


Shunka Wakan said...

I live in Humboldt County, and my friend, Jah Sun, is at SXSW right now. Check him out for a taste of the Humboldt vibe...Bless up!

Shunka Wakan said...

P.S. I can hardly wait to see the film:)