Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How many cool coffee shops/hangouts can one town have?

Hello from Ruta Maya, on South Congress.

Today, I've walked the shops of South Congress, eaten at Guero's taco stand and had my first Amy's Ice Cream experience (the mini Mexican vanilla, and wow, was it delicious).

I also (completely randomly) ran into one of our crew members from the shoot in Humboldt: Maria Mateolli! Maria, who is a filmmaker herself, has apparently been in Rome for the past year editing her own feature and has recently come to Austin to visit her brother, who plays in a local band. I was walking down SoCo and was yelled at by her from afar. Now, she and anyone else she can recruit will be heading to one of our screenings. Small world. Humboldt karma, all the way.

I'm about to head into downtown for a few before heading to the airport to pick up the little Jew (Danny Jacobs) and continue our trek through Austin. Interestingly, SXSW buzz is far greater downtown than in the suburban areas from what I can tell. Well, I should amend that: SXSW music buzz is all over, and every coffee shop/bar/private residence has a band playing during the music festival. But the movie festival seems to be a bit more under the radar.

We need to change that. Anyone reading this in Austin?! Let's spread the word...the word of Humboldt County.

-D out

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Unstadt said...


Have you hit up Book People? It's a big groovy indie book store at 6th and Lamar, whose clientele would seem to be prime candidates for the film (I just went to their web site to check the location, and they're proud followers of the dictum to "Keep Austin weird").

See you on Friday!