Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Website and Grassroots Update...


A quick post to point you toward our newly updated, trailer-included website:

Also, note the link that says "help promote Humboldt County." From this link, you will find digital versions of our poster AND digital versions of flyers we've created for each of the initial markets (Seattle, Portland, Eugene, San Francisco, Berkeley, Humboldt and Seattle) which have the screening locations, the release date and the website all prominently displayed on the website.

After a very successful initial meeting in Humboldt with our first team of Grassroots marketers, we've determined that one of the first steps toward making this happen is for you to send these flyers out to EVERYONE you know in any and all of these cities (as well as other places around the country). This is extremely important in terms of spreading the word about the film, as we are now 3.5 weeks from release.

You will also find on the website that you now have the ability to embed both our trailer and promotional video on any blogs/sites you might have access to.

Much more to come soon on the grassroots marketing front, but for now be sure to check out the new site and spread the word!


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