Friday, September 19, 2008

On The Road IV: Seattle Pics!

Hey LCLs!! Below are some pics from our whirlwind two days in Seattle. We had some chowder, held an oversold sneak preview screening and lived the lives of traveling salesmen. Good times all around.

Darren as traveling salesman. That box is filled with promotional materials. It has wheels.

Beautiful sunset in Seattle.

Unexpected delays. Danny drops matchbooks all over the sidewalk.

This is the Varsity Theater where the film will be playing in Seattle!

Darren and Captain Deadpan enjoy chowder.

Danny has eaten too much.

Okay, so that bald head belongs to our producer. Then, look at the sign right above him!

The public market has fish. I like fish. I am a fish.

This picture was taken in our hotel room. They have "Humboldt County" available for order!!

A closer screen shot reveals, though, a sad misspelling of Jeremy's last name. Go Mr. Stong!!!

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