Monday, September 15, 2008

From the Road I: Austin, Texas...

Sorry for the delay. Things have been BUSY.

We arrived in Austin at noon on Sunday, got our rental car and checked into our hotel (the lovely Omni downtown, which is also housing many refugees from the hurricane. I've never seen more dogs in a hotel before).

Sunday afternoon, Danny and I hit the town hard, going to, among other places, Ruta Maya, Pipes Plus, Vulcan Video, the Alamo Ritz and South Lamar, the Gas Pipe, and Amy's ice cream. We dropped off promotional matches and talked to people (some of whom were even already aware of the film!). We covered about 15 locations in 3 hours.

If you recall from our SXSW blogs, we're big fans of food, and our Sunday lunch was worth mentoning. We ate at Stubb's, an amazing BBQ joint downtown. After brisket, pork ribs and turkey (along with yams and some spiced creamed spinach), we did not need to eat much more. Of course we did, meeting up with family and friends and Guero's Tacos (our producer Captain Deadpan joined the promotional roadshow here, as he got to sleep in and fly to Austin much later than us) where we handed out MORE promotional materials and set the wheels in motion for further word-of-mouth spreading!

Today, we were up again at 5 am and on our way to K-VUE, a local Austin television station where we taped an interview (to be played at some point next week, I'd imagine). They only had room for one of us in their makeshift interview setup (the real one is under construction), and so Danny was not allowed to be on camera. Rebelliously, he stepped behind me for an awkward cameo that we think you'll all enjoy.

Next, it was off to two local radio stations: KLBJ (93.7 FM) where we joined Dudley and Bob live and KGSR (107.1 FM) with Brian Beck. Good times, and good interviews (we made certain to note something you ALL should be aware of: our amazing soundtrack will be available on itunes in about a month).

A few print/online interviews and one with the campus TV station were interrupted by two more amazing meals: breakfast at the Magnolia cafe (we ate there because it's GOOD, not because it shares a name with our distribution company) and lunch at Freebirds Burritos. We were told it's better than Chipotle. I can't say I agree that it's better, but it's definitely as good, and quite different. My belly is pleased.

I'm writing to you now from the lobby of the Omni, and we're about to head over to the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar for a 7 pm free screening of the movie, and Q&A. Should hopefully be a good chance to get people excited about Humboldt County!

So that's it for now! We're off to Seattle tomorrow, where the wild rockin' roadshow continues!



Josh Katz said...

I love queso.

Also, Freebirds is a bajillion times better than Chipotle. That's scientific.

dP said...

We're the owners of the Magnolia Cafe. Hey - we like granola too! When can we see your film in Austin? I didn't see it posted in the RSS from the Alamo Drafthouse ( which I post on The film sounds interesting and we'll look out for it when it comes here again. Have a great trip, and come see us when you're back this way.

The Life of Mel said...

This is completely random--but I saw your new "interview" where people thought you were the Coen brothers among other people.
What's strange is that I already knew who you were.
I saw you on "Clean House!"
I guess the cleansing did you a service, because check it out, a big bad movie! Is it weird I now want to see the movie because of your appearance on "Clean House?" Oh well, I guess press is press.
Congrats guys, and I'm glad they let you keep that table. Kudos for losing the phone booth though. :)