Friday, September 19, 2008

On the Road V: Portland Pics

So today's post is from Portland. Below you will find some pics from our time in Oregon. Overall, it was a blast. Our screening went well (though the theater was only about 1/2 filled) and we plastered the city with promotional items. Though I'm worried that we don't have a great deal of exposure in the city, I am confident that if people do come out to see the film, Portlanders will love it.

A special note about a place in Portland we fell in love with: Powells Books. It's the largest independently owned bookstore in the country. It can boast an entire city block of books (and three stories tall). It's amazing. They have a rare books room with all these super expensive, old copies of classic books. The most expensive one was a book detailing the Lewis and Clark expedition published in 1814. The pricetag? $350,000. So Darren bought it. I think it was a great investment, especially in these troubled times.

That's a tiny Darren standing in front of the Hollywood Theater in Portland where HC will be playing. The theater has been open since 1926. It's pretty sweet looking.

This is the bane of our existence. GPS systems suck mightily.

Darren and I after a couple of hours of canvasing Portland.
Darren and I taking a picture with our producer, Jason Weiss, who decided to dress up for our sneak preview screening.

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