Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Skirballs the Movie!

We're 16 Days from opening in theaters, and I wanted to pass along a quick update:

Last night, before a crowded theater of Skirball Center members (I'm going to guess the average age of the audience to be 62.75), Humboldt County finally said hello to a Los Angeles audience.

We were joined on stage afterwards for Q&A by actor Chris Messina and composer iZLER. Special thanks go out to Kristy and all the good folks at the Skirball Center, as well as our publicist Marina Bailey (and Angela, who was on site with us).

Overall, and after some pre-show jitters given the nature of the audience, the screening was a rousing success! We were unsure how the rather, well, experienced crowd would take to our little picture, but it appears that they responded terrifically. We did, unfortunately, have to deal with another sound issue (apparently they were having issues with their projector and our 35mm festival print is, at this point, quite dirty), so it was once again difficult to hear some dialogue (special note: Danny and I die a little inside every time the smallest thing goes wrong, and so when people can't either 1) see our movie or 2) hear our movie, it sort of makes our experience akin to being stabbed repeatedly in the heart).

But the crowd responded well to the movie even with the sound issue, so that bodes well. It was a great pleasure to have Chris and iZLER on stage with us, and we hope to have them join us again in future screenings, such as when we open LA in October.

As for the upcoming promotional tour, we're still putting together some events before and after the screenings, so stay tuned here for more info. on dates/times/locations. And also we'll post some pictures from the Skirball soon.

until then, spread the Humboldt County word!


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Kristy said...

Great Film. It was my pleasure to help you guys out. Try not to feel too stabbed in the heart. Leave that to ES....umm, is that wrong?

Can't wait to see the under 65 audience response!