Thursday, September 4, 2008

Strong men also cry...

Dear LCLs:

The title of this blog post comes directly from one of the wisest men ever to grace the silver screen: Jeffrey Lebowski. No no, not "the Dude." The other Jeffrey Lebowski. The millionaire.

But I find it personally relevant as I sit here trying to write but mostly thinking of the adventure that awaits me this weekend due to the hard work of the man who -- not quite two inches above where I presently type -- is staring creepily at you.

Although I pride myself on a general tendency towards insincerity, on this night I must be completely genuine and pay loving homage -- adorably and sickeningly -- to my friend of 23 years and co-writer/director: Danny Jacobs.

You see, Danny has put together an event so large I hesitate to even call it what it is: a Bachelor Party (note that Danny may just be making amends to us all for his willing and compensated participiation in Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation, available here).

Tomorrow morning, I -- along with 14 of my dearest friends in the world -- will embark on a camping adventure on Catalina island that Danny has single handedly organized from top to bottom. Unfortunately, not everyone we invited was able to make it, and they will be sorely missed (and also dropped from the friends list), but those of us who are going will eat more food, drink more alcohol and engage in more general debauchery than any group of men should do in a lifetime. And we aim to do it in 48 hours.


So I blog today to tell you, LCLs, that you will not hear from us again until Sunday (and perhaps -- since Danny as organizer makes us unlikely to survive -- never again shall you read our words), but assuming we live, after this weekend expect a DELUGE of Humboldt County-related information on this page.

We plan to blog often as we gear up to and through our two week promotional tour all leading up to September 26. After this brief hiatus, it is time to place nearly 6 years of work out into the world and see what happens, and we will grant YOU, our beloved LCLs, access to every step of the process.


I blog today to remind you to go download our digital posters from our website:, and send them to anyone and everyone you know (and tell them to send the posters to everyone they know) so that we can fill those theaters opening weekend.


But mostly, I blog today to say thank you to Danny Jacobs. A dearer friend I do not know. Everyone should be so lucky to have someone who works so hard to plan (most of it in secret, and I suspect other things are still held from my knowledge) such an epic, grand and appropriate adventure before marriage.

Anyone who looks at Renee can plainly see that I got lucky when she agreed to marry me, but with Danny, it's different. He may not look like much, but as far as friends go, he's at least, 75th percentile or above. But not that much above.

To the whole group of guys who are joining in the celebration, I cannot wait. Many of you are traveling from afar, and I think that's ridiculous. But I appreciate it. And I love you all. Now let's go do some stupid shit.

Viva debauchery, & Humboldt....


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