Wednesday, September 24, 2008

From the Road X: Portland memories...

A quick story I forgot to relate. In Portland, Oregon, during our screening, Danny, Captain Deadpan and I ate at an Italian restaurant and were served by the greatest waitress of our lives. Seriously.

Her name is Kelly Thoen, and not only did she take NONE of the sarcastic, obnoxious guff that we three putzes tried to throw at her (she gave it right back to us), but she also gave us a FREE dessert (delicious Tiramisu), and most impressively, she told that she is training for a run.

Not just any run, mind you, but a run to Nicaragua. From Portland. You read it right. She's training right now so that she can run 30 miles a day, and make it there in 3 months! Once she arrives, she will get married. And it's all for charity. She is a better person than Danny, Jason and I put together and squared. Check out her website:

That is all,


Anonymous said...

Hiii. I don't know if you'll respond to this or not, but I'm watching Humboldt County right now and I was wondering... that spot like 14 minutes into the film where Peter gets out of the car and walks up to that path that leads to this rock looking over that amazingly beautiful body of water? I am dying to know where that is, I've been trying to research it but I don't know where to look, if you could tell me that would be GREAT because I would love to visit there someday somehow, it's so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Trinidad area. Patricks Point State Park. Maybe wedding rock, or somewhere in that general area. That would be my guess as a Arcata resident.