Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From the Road VIII: The San Francisco Treat


Our Berkeley screening was a rousing success. We nearly had a packed house, and the film played about as well as it ever has. We're finding these 'word of mouth' screenings to be incredibly valuable as we march toward our theatrical release. People enjoying the film and then being willing to spread the word about the release -- this is what it's going to take to actually have any kind of a successful run. Remember, the more people you tell -- and have those people tell people -- this is how we're trying to make up for our lack of TV ads, billboards, major media exposure, etc.

Today, we're appearing on the radio in Humboldt County on KMUD, the local station in southern Humboldt, with the famous Aunt Laura!

Today is also about papering San Francisco and will be heading to the Embarcadero theater tonight for a promotional screening. Soon, the promotion will end and it will be left to the movie gods to determine how many people go see our movie. We're going to power through to the end, with you, our beloved LCLs, alongside!

viva Humboldt,

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