Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome to the Situation Room

Hey world, Here's hoping you haven't gotten primary season burnout yet. Not me, no sir. I'm a junkie at this point - completely unable to turn off Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room. And I can tell you from experience that 4 hours a day of Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room will make your head spin. I swear, if I hear him introduce his political analysts as the "best, most experienced political team on television" one more time I'm going to start looking for sharp objects to penetrate vital veins.

I hope everyone's been enjoying the snazzy new website! Keep checkin' it cause there'll be more and more fun stuff comin' to it over the next few weeks/months. First and foremost is the trailer. This week, we finally had a look at the first, very rough version and I'm pretty excited about it. Still, it's likely a few weeks away yet from being done.

Also, I am happy to report that "Humboldt County" is now completely, absolutely and utterly done. A few days back we went into Technicolor and viewed the color corrected version of the film one final time. The film looks georgeous and I really can't wait to show it to people. It's weird, though, to have nothing more to do on it. There will be no more tweaking, no more changing, no more worrying about tiny little details that no one will ever notice - the film is complete. Over four years ago (maybe even five, yeesh) Darren and I got a little room on the Pacific ocean in Humboldt and I discovered the place for the very first time. That moment of inspiration led to two plus years of writing, one year of fundraising, an insane 18 days of shooting and a year of post-production. Now, at last, the film is no longer ours. It is it's own. The pregnancy is almost complete and soon, the amniotic fluid will be wiped off and it will take it's first, jelly-legged baby steps into the world. Hopefuly, by the time it reaches Kindergarten, it will know how to read and complete complex tasks.

In other news, Jeremy's play opened yesterday in New York and his picture was in the theater section of the times. Here he is, as fancy pants Spinoza, the famed Jewish philosopher:

Jeremy is indeed believable, I think, as the famed philosopher, though the man doesn't have a drop of Jew in him. Anyway, he comes off well in the review, so check it out.

Also, I don't know if anybody else was watching, but I took a look at the "Golden Globe Ceremony" last night on TV. I put quotations around the phrase because it was essentially a glorified press conference. I was happy to see Daniel Day Lewis win and flabbergasted to see "Atonement" take away the Best Dramatic Picture award. The film is good, I thought, but overrated. Though, if you haven't seen it, you should - even if just for the amazing 5 minute plus shot in the middle. It'll blow your mind.

Lastly, on this lazy Monday, thanks so much for your continued support of the film! Keep the blog comments comin'! And, seriously, if there's anything you'd like to see, any questions about the process or the film, or any subjects you'd like us to blather on about, please, let us know. As you have no doubt surmised, I'm excellent at blathering.

Okay, Wolf is back, got to go.


P.S. Oh, hey, we forgot to mention - see over on the right of the blog there are links to other "Humboldt County" related pages, like our imdb site? Well, you'll also see a shiny new link to a shiny new blog. It's from our Producer, Captain Deadpan. Basically, since he came on board the project way back when he's been sending out periodic updates to our supporters and those involved with the film. He's now put all those updates into a blog, so if you want, you can check it out and see, month-by-month, how the film progressed and came together. You can also link to the blog HERE.


TheSurfaceNYC said...

Thanks for releasing the producers blog. It was very insightful on the whole process.

Anonymous said...

We're all still waiting longingly for a post on casting Fairuza... I'm hoping it's taking such time because of the immense effort being put into making it an extremely detailed and insightful entry ;^)

That is correct... isn't it?


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Alex said...

congrats on the finish guys. your baby is all grown up.. and I want to drunkenly hit on it at a bar when it is old enough