Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Viscountess Mona Has Invaded Your Kingdom

Monday, January 21st. My day:

8:45 AM - I get up. Groggy. Wish it was 11 AM but it's not.

9:17 AM - After a lengthy internal debate about whether or not I want to go to the gym, I decide not to and head downstairs to my lap-top, flip on a pre-recorded Anderson 360 program and open up my Internet Browser. It is about this time I wish I had breakfast available. And also about this time that my unbelievable procrastination attempts begin.

9:38 AM - I've been on Facebook for the last 20 minutes. I'm angry at myself. Why am I on Facebook? What the goddamn good is Facebook anyway?! For 20 minutes, I've been playing games of Scrabulous, Attack! and the evil incarnation that is Knighthood. I've turned into a Facebook junkie. It's terrible. I have a problem. I admit it. Stop judging me!

10:07 - I start this blog post as yet another way of delaying the inevitable writing that will have to be done before the day is done.

10:18 - Someone has stolen one of my vassals in the Knighthood game on Facebook. I am incensed. How dare Baronness Cindy infiltrate the palisades region of my castle and steal Knight Andy! I mean, the nerve. Really. This requires my immediate attention and I marshall my army and engage in a counter attack. Knight Andy is once again mine. It is a victory, to be sure. Why, then do I feel like such a loser? Oh, yeah - becuase I just got upset at a goddamn Internet game in which I create a fake castle! Christ.

10:49 - Success! I've opened my Final Draft program and even opened the current draft of the script I'm working on. This is excellent! Now, hopefully, in a couple of hours, I'll start actually writing! Feeling positive. And slightly hungry.

11:42 - Depression is setting in. I've spent the last hour scouring the Internet for articles. I have an addiction to articles. Articles of any kind are fine. First, I search endlessly for anything related to the St. Louis Cardinals. Once it appears I've exhausted that front, I turn to politics. CNN, NYTimes, WashingtonPost are all regularly visited. Then, once I'm done with those, I turn to whatever I can find. It doesn't matter what it is really. I visit weird sites like Applerumors.com which gives rumors about future apple computer products. I don't even own a goddamn mac. Sigh.

12:28 - Getting really hungry now. Hmmm....maybe I'd be in a better mindset to write with a nice turkey sandwich from Subway in my belly. Mmmm...honey oat bread....

1:34 - Okay, I had a great 12-incher. Back at the saddle and rearin' to go! Time to write baby!!!!!

2:17 - Arrgggghh. I've spent the last 45 minutes reading blogs of other filmmakers. Most of the filmmakers I've never heard of and most of the films I will never see. I just did a google search and started reading. Why am I doing this? Who have I become? I begin to question everything. The answers are not comforting.

3:20 - I've at least looked at my final draft document. Have I made any changes? No. Someone has gone and attacked m castle. I've got to defend it. And my friend used the word "Fuzi" in our Scrabulous game. "Fuzi"? Really? Come on. I mean, come on. Seriously, something must be done....right?

4:10 - I hate life. I mean, what's the point of this grand, wicked game? What are we doing here? What am I doing here? There are people out there that are working to improve the lives of others. There are people who are starting non-profits as we speak. I bet they're happy. I bet they just love their lives. I'm still in my pajamas.

5:02 - I WROTE! 2 pages baby! WOOOHOOO!!!!!! I am feeelin' good. Man, I am one productive son-of-a-bitch. Goddamnit, I'm good. Well...I've got some stuff I've got to do tonight so my writing day is over. But, my god, what a productive day. Really, nice job today, Jacobs. I mean that - you're a super star. You were efficient, focused and came ready to rumble. A couple more days of this and you'll be --- oh. wait. Knight Meagan has rebelled. Got to go.

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