Thursday, January 10, 2008

Offical "Humboldt County" Website is LIVE

Hey folks,

The official "Humboldt County" website is up and running!

More features will be added over time, but check it out, poke around, read about the film etc.

Things to come:

1. Our trailer - we're hard at work on it and it'll be up and viewable, hopefully, within the next month.

2. A Second Blog - Darren's Aunt Laura is a longtime Humboldt resident (and the inspiration for one of the film's characters) and we thought it would be cool to give her a voice on our website. Of course, she doesn't have Internet access so we'll be transcribing her blog posts via phone line. This will hopefully be up and running within the next couple of weeks.

3. "Humboldt County" mailing list. In a matter of days (maybe even hours), you'll be able to put your email address into the HC email list. This way you'll get periodic updates on the happenings of the film as things progress.

Okay, cats! Tell all your friends!

Viva Humboldt,


Ian Strope said...

Cool guys. It's good to see that the film is coming together. Many people up here in Humboldt have been asking me about the film.

Brandon said...

It still says that the site is coming soon.

Danny, writer/director said...

Brandon et al,

Yeah, we had a few little server problems yesterday in getting the site live. But all should be working now.