Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fed Cuts Rates

Dear Friends--

In an effort to thwart a potentially disastrous posting recession, I recently decided to trim 3/4 percent off my posting rate. The results were predictable: a sudden increase in activity from Mr. Danny Jacobs, ultimately leading to a lower quality of blog for all Humboldt County fans. Our blog has always been different, from Iowa through New Hampshire and beyond, because we do not believe you should pay for the mistakes of the past, but let's be completely honest here:

Mistakes were made.


Don't ever say I don't take full responsibility for mixing political references nonsensically.


But truthfully, much is happening here in Humboldt land...

---We're toiling away at cut #2 of the trailer, working our tails off to get it ready for your consumption as soon as possible.

---Part 4 in our ongoing casting series is nearly up (and to those of you holding out for information on any particular principal cast members, we shall cover each of them in great detail, I assure you).

---We are days away from launching the all-new Aunt Laura blog. Speaking as the actual nephew of Aunt Laura (although she is Aunt Laura to us all), I am eagerly looking forward to the musings of such an extraordinary lady.

---An even bigger announcement is coming in a matter of weeks.

---Check out the all new Humboldt County Facebook page here. We need your help, faithful readers, in taking over the vast network that is the Facebook, so join our burgeoning club there, and do...well, do what people do on Facebook (Danny?).

Lastly, a Humboldt County director's blog challenge. Danny and I have struggled to find the proper name to refer to you Humboldt County director's blog readers. Do we call you "loyal readers"? Too trite. "Friends"? Too NBC sitcom-y. "Folks," "World," or "Internet"? Too vague. So we turn to you, "as yet unnamed readers of the Humboldt County director's blog", to name yourselves. Leave any and all suggestions in the comments of this post, and the best one shall win. We will begin each post addressing YOU with YOUR new name. Fire away!

The larger Humboldt County writer-director,



Josh said...


75percentFunny said...

I would say boldt-ers, but that seems negative...


peymon said...




sfgal said...

What about locals? Whether we are from here or not, it hits close to home.

Darren Writer-Director said...

Great work, so far, guys.
To review, we've got...
1) Boldtheads
2) Boldt-ers
3) Humblers
4) Hu-Heads
5) HuCos
6) Locals

A bunch of great suggestions, and there may be a winner in there already, but keep 'em coming!

Danny and I will review them all and start using the winner soon!


Anonymous said...

cut # 2 of the trailer? that's no fair, we haven't even been able to see the first cut. Please, please make this first cut available we will all appreciate it to no end.


Alex said...

Humbert Bolton's....

or Herreckians!

But seriously. "Lost Coasters" is my official submission.

TheSurfaceNYC said...

I was going to say hum-guzzlers, but that's just my horrible horrible horrible dirty mind. I just had to say it.

Mike the Logger said...

- Hum-Bloggers
- Bolteers
- Hey youu guyyys! (we can all relate to Goonies)
- Cold Weather Fans