Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Very Engaging Times...

Hello LCLs:

My apologies for another extended absence. We're buried in writing, and it's difficult to escape from the self-loathing long enough to post here. That is really just lame excuse-making, however, and you should expect more from your faithful Humboldt County writer-directors. We need to deliver MORE to you, and we will.

So let's get started. The biggest and most important news was already covered by Danny in a previous post: I am, in fact, an engaged human. Someone (an incredibly beautiful woman with excellent taste in men named Renee Schuman) has actually agreed to marry me, and I could not be happier or luckier. As Danny indicated (and as you'll soon no doubt notice), my sudden foray into adulthood has rendered me into an unfunny, uncool, ultra-conservative grouch. Fortunately (for me), Renee has already committed to me, and so she is stuck with my sudden boringness.

Next up, Danny and I are back from Minneapolis and would like to thank the good people from IFP-Minneapolis for putting on a great conference. Reilly Tillman, Jane Minton and the entire staff did an incredible job, and they made the experience a winner for Danny and me. Not only did they put us up at the glorious Grand Hotel downtown, but they also fed us delicious food (a very important step to endearing yourself to Danny and Darren) and generally treated us to a first class experience.

We also need to acknowledge the panels and mentor sessions with some interesting and exciting filmmakers. We also thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know our fellow panelists. Perhaps we'll one day be working with some of those folks, and it was exciting to meet firsthand some memberos of another vibrant young filmmaking community. And as for the weather, we actually enjoyed 48 hours of cold and snow, seeing as we returned to more 90 degree southern California madness.

So thanks to IFP-MN, and thanks to all who have sent well-wishes on my engagement. Sorry if I haven't been able to get back to everyone personally, but I appreciate all the love and support.

More to come soon,


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