Saturday, April 26, 2008

Links, Links, and more Links!

Hey LCLs!

So Darren and I had our first panel this morning. And we're on a break before another one this afternoon. Good times all around. They served us lunch and misspelled Hummus as "Homos." So Darren and I both had Homos for lunch. Yummy.

Anyhoo - I also wanted to direct your attention to the right column of this here blog, a little ways down. You will find a new section of links that takes you to a plethora of interviews and articles written about "Humboldt County" so that you can get the fix I know you're all dying for.

It is snowing!!!!!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Are you still here? By "here" I mean Minneapolis - where I live!

Crap - I wish I had read the blog over the weekend. I would have crashed one of your panels and asked ridiculous questions.

Jamie (formerly Mueller)