Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I AM STILL ALIVE! Just been resting...


Every once in a while, your intrepid Humboldt County writer-directors need to take some time for themselves. A little R&R. I wish it weren't so. I wish I could keep at it all the time, never stopping even to sleep. Danny and I tried to go without sleep a couple times last week, but it didn't really work out so well the next day.

So I've been away. I've been in St. Louis since Friday, taking in a Cards game and a great deal of St. Louis style pizza and toasted ravioli (for those of you who do not know of these amazing things, here's a quick primer: St. Louis style pizza is an amazing super thin crust pizza -- literally cracker thin -- that uses a completely made up cheese called provel cheese. It's some combinaiton of provelone and something else. Any LCLs from the STL, please comment and help me out there. And as for toasted ravioli, well...Let's just say, it's fried. It's got meat. It comes with a red sauce. And it's available as an appetizer in nearly every STL restaurant -- much like queso in Austin -- and nowhere else. No idea why. It's a goddamn crime). I've been hanging with family and my lovely girlfriend Renee, who is also from St. Louis, and it's been a delightful time.

But that's it. It's over. R&R time is kaput. It's time for me to return to LA tomorrow, return to you LCLs, return to Danny (who resembles a lost infant without me) and our projects we're quickly trying to assemble, return to Humboldt County, and return to the world of hard work.

I'm fully charged and rarin' to go. So the reason for this blog entry has nothing to do with Humboldt County or even anything film related at all. It's a reminder, really, to take a little time on occasion for yourself. Do some things you enjoy. Rest up a bit. Take a nap. But don't let your leisure time linger on too long. For there is much to do, friends. And little time to do it.

Until next time...

-Darren in St. Lou


Cindy said...

As a St. Louisan, I vouch for the description of the pizza. So good, but outsiders just don't get it. I think provel is part provelone, part mozzarella. Toasted ravoli is on the list of top 3 things I miss the most since I stopped eating red meat 13 years ago. Sooooo yummy. I'm heading to St. Louis next Friday. Cards game Friday night before Passover starts on Saturday evening - meaning little time to hit up the good food...

Trish said...

Here's provel cheese for you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provel

It also sticks to your teeth.

Toasted ravioli is deeelicious!

Should I give you a hard time for not giving me a call this weekend?