Friday, April 25, 2008

Prognosis: Snowy

Well, it's the end of April and apparently, Minneapolis is expecting snow this weekend. Sometimes, don't you just wish our planet wasn't dying?

Anyway, why is the weather in Minneapolis important? Because that's where Darren and I find ourselves for the next couple of days. I write to you, the LCLs, from the Grand Hotel Minneapolis. It's a lovely place filled with lovely people. We're here because we are sitting on a couple of panels for an IFP (Independent Film Producers) convention here. I don't know why we're here and what sort of "expertise" we're supposed to impart to people, but hey, it's a free trip, so how can two Jews turn that down?

In Humboldt County news...well there isn't much at the moment. We're still screening the film for distributors and also deciding on our next move vis a vis film festivals. So, patience would be the key word in that regard.

Meanwhile, we're still at work on our "Three Nights in August" package as well as the script for our next film. Both projects have been going slower than I'd like but you can't rush it. An old, wise Buddhist once said, "Things take shape when they take shape." That same Buddhist, by the way, eventually said so many wise things that he dissolved and was reincarnated as a book of quotations.

Okay LCLs! Let's talk soon. I miss you.

P.S. By the way, offer a big congrats to Mr. Darren because, as of a few days ago, the man is ENGAGED! Which means, of course, that he is no longer funny, fun or interesting.

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