Monday, May 5, 2008

Watching Baseball and Killing Children

This weekend, Darren and I find ourselves in New York City. It is truly the greatest of all cities. We're hear for a couple of meetings and in the meantime, we're enjoying everything that Manhattan has to offer - fantastic food, amazing energy, and the occasional homeless person with lenseless glasses. It's ideal, really.

Yesterday, we worked throughout the day before seeing Harold and Kumar (eh), watching our beloved St. Louis Cardinals dispatch the lowly Cubs (yeah!), and returning to the movie theater for a late night viewing of Iron Man (Woohoo!). At the Iron screening, which was a midnight show mind you, at least two families brought their young children to the theater and let them wail for two hours. So we killed them. The children that is. We killed the children.

Guess I shouldn't have just admitted it on this blog. Good thing this is a private space just for me and no one reads it.


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Bradley said...

Yay! Welcome to NYC. We can't wait to see the movie!