Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Video Fun Part Final: Advice

Hello LCLs! I know, I know. Darren and I have not been good boys. We have not been updating the blog nearly as much as we should. I assure you, this is not out of a lack of intent. Okay, I suppose it is out of a lack of intent. So scratch that.

Things have been busy. We're hard at work on two separate writing projects and have been doing some traveling to meet potential distributors as well. On that front, I'm desperately hoping to share some news with you all within the next couple of days but no promises.

By the way, everyone go out to see "Maid of Honor" this weekend. It's that romantic comedy starring McBeautiful or whatever his name is on Gray's Anatomy. You should see the film, though, because our own Chris Messina is in it!

Okay, below find the final video in our "Video Fun" series. Maybe, at some point Darren and I will make some more and you will actually see that I no longer have that lovely handle-bar mustache. Which is sad. Anyway, enjoy.

1 comment:

Massimo said...

This caused me to laugh out loud at work, assholes.

Next time you get a blog can you please make it informative? I need to find a way to spend my time without raising suspicions.