Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Want to know where HC will play?


First of all, thanks to everyone who has written us telling us that they are willing to participate in our groundbreaking organizational effort to get people to the theaters on September 26th. The LCL Local City Teams are shaping up nicely. Again, if you have any interest in being on the inside, ground floor of the "Humboldt County" movement, email us at:


Now, on to some exciting news. We're starting to get information on the specific theaters that the film will be playing at. So far, this is what we have:


Arcata, CA: Minor 3
Berkeley, CA: Shattuck Cinemas
Eureka, CA: Broadway
Garberville, CA: Garberville
San Francisco, CA: Lumiere Theatre
Portland, OR: Hollywood Theatre
Seattle, WA: Varsity Theatre

Eugene, OR: Bijou Art Cinema

Rest assured, more theaters will be added in the weeks and months to come. For example, we haven't yet pinned down which theater or theaters we'll play in Austin, TX. Also, you may have noticed a change to our previous post. Chicago, Illinois is no longer going to be part of our opening weekend in theaters. Magnolia wants to focus on more of a regional release before getting the film to New York, LA etc. So they're focusing on the Northwest (with Austin being the exception). What that means is that instead of Chicago, we're opening up in Berkeley! Super exciting.

Anyway, if you want to be truly industrious, you can check the Magnolia Pictures website:


They'll continue to update our theaters and release schedule pretty regularly.

Sweeeeeeet. More to come.



Josh Katz said...

Yo dudes, let me know if I can help out in Austin somehow.

supatterson said...

I just saw a preview for Humboldt County and it looks great.

Two questions:

1. Where can I get a listing of the soundtrack for the movie?

2. The title song I heard was along the lines of "Is it enough, yeah, yeah..." Can you please send me the name of this song?

I can't wait for the end of September! --Jack Patterson, jackwashdc41@yahoo.com