Thursday, August 14, 2008

No sleep till Humboldt!


Okay, I admit it. I've been listening to the Beastie Boys recently and replacing "Brooklyn" with "Humboldt." Yes, I'm a loser. The "HC" train is picking up speed like...well, like a train picking up speed.

1. A MILESTONE: "Humboldt County" on Facebook has reached the vaulted 1,000 fan plateau! Yea! This puts us firmly ahead of Bill Clinton (195), Team China (746), Bono (811) and Hogan Knows Best (945). It feels good. However, there is still more work to be done. We remain behind Ben Franklin (1,753), John Mellencamp (1,906) and, perhaps most importantly, The Big Brother 9 Live Feed (1,386). B.Frank is going DOWN!

Thank you all for joining the movement. Facebook is going to be one of the primary ways we're going to reach out to our network as we get closer to opening weekend, so if you haven't become a fan yet, search "Humboldt County" on facebook and you'll find us. Or just click HERE and become a fan now.

2. A MOVEMENT: Darren and I have been touched by the many, many emails we have received from dedicated LCLs offering up their services to make this a truly grassroots, artistic movement. We're compiling everybody's information now and working out next steps. We'll be contacting all of you who expressed interest VERY SOON.

3. A PREMIERE: Two weeks from today, "Humboldt County" will be premiering in Humboldt County in the WildRivers101 Film Fest. Darren and I are nervous, excited, and jazzed. Yesterday we did an interview with a business reporter/film critic in Eureka and were reminded, once again, about the beautiful passion inherent in the region.

4. A WEBSITE: Our website: is back up and running. At the moment, it's basically a mirror of what we had before minus images the MPAA deemed unacceptable for America's children. However, within a matter of days, we'll be unveiling a spanky new site, a spanky new trailer and a spanky new spanky (I don't know what that last thing means.)

5. A FESTIVAL: We just received word that "Humboldt County" will be the closing night gala film at the Idaho International Film Festival! The fest will take place right around our theatrical premiere in late Sept. We're honored to close it out with a bang.

Alright, LCLs - continue getting the word out, reminding your friends and neighbors of our impending premiere weekend, and getting those Evites ready to get everyone you know to the theaters! On Sept. 26, WE TAKE BACK CINEMA.

Viva Humboldt,

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