Monday, August 11, 2008

Humboldt County: See it With a Bud


It's about that time:

Prepare yourselves for an onslaught of Humboldt County in the coming days, weeks and months.

As we move toward theatrical release on September 26, we aim to ensure that this blog is your constant source of information about all things Humboldt County. A summary of upcoming notables:

1) At last, here is our chance to show the film to the people and place most responsible for bringing it to life. We have our Humboldt County premiere (as in, in Humboldt County) at the Eureka theater on August 27 at 7 pm as part of the Wild Rivers 101 Film Festival. The festival's website is here.

2) Danny and I will travel with the film on a mega-promotional roadshow in mid September (we'll be blogging often from the road with updates, pictures and videos chronicling the whole experience), hitting each of the opening weekend cities for press, free screenings and on-the ground promotion. Full schedule of events and opportunities to meet up are forthcoming.

3) This, of course, is all leading to the big weekend: we open in select theaters in Humboldt, San Francisco, Berkeley, Portland, Seattle and Austin, TX, on Friday, September 26. Filling theaters that weekend is about as important for the fate of our film as can be. Once again, we will NEED your help.

4) We can officially announce that New York, Los Angeles and Chicago will be among the remaining cities where we release the film theatrically, at a TBD date in October. We will, of course, keep you posted, but we need to establish grassroots marketing groups in those cities. So, for those of you interested in joining the movement: send an email over to

Which brings me to the marketing:

For those of you who have emailed us interested in being part of our Obama-style grassroots film marketing campaign, we are compiling lists of people who are interested. Thank you so much to everyone for your interest and willingness to help promote the film.

Prepare yourselves for an introductory email in the next few days explaning exactly how we plan to move forward and involve you in the marketing process. We're very excited about working together with our fans to spread the word to as many people as possible about the film.

So it's all happening now, LCLs. Humboldt County is finally on its way to theaters. Let's work together to make it a memorable run!

all the best and many thanks,
-Darren & Danny


NICOLE said...

I can help market. I lived in Humboldt for 7 years and now live in Portland.


Danny Jacobs said...

Hey Nicole,

Can you do us a favor and just email us at:

That way we can get your information so we can contact you to begin the process.


jeff said...

Hey Danny and Darren,

No St. Louis premiere??? It would be a cinch to get some local buzz. I'd love to help.

"Humboldt County" should be shining bright on the marquee at the Tivoli or Hi-Pointe.

Jeff V.

Danny Jacobs said...

Yo Vines!

Of COURSE there's going to be an STL premiere!! We're opening the STL Film Festival in Nov. Details to come.