Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Holichanimas! (Video Fun Part Uno)

Well, I have sad news. Unfortunately, due to the douchey tone of Darren's last post, he is officially off the project. He will no longer be involved in any publicity or developments for "Humboldt County."

In fact, faithful readers, if you see him trolling around the interweb here, tell him to bugger off. Still, in the name of all we've been through, I thought I'd put up the first in our soon to be ongoing video series on the film. This one deals with the origins of our "friendship" and "collaboration."



Anonymous said...

All righty then.

Anyway, thank you for doing a movie about our humble Humboldt County. It cracks me up that people complain about your focus on the Ganj. It's true not everyone does it here, but it is what we're famous for, and we have a lot of characters running around this county involved in it one way or another. I think it's funny that you're cashing in on that reputation. I hope the movie is good. I plan to see it, and I hope that you can make more movies or shows about our lovely county. There are plenty of characters around here to supply you with a life time of movie scripts. We have the oddest rednecks on the planet (There's a reason McKinleyville is known as Tulsa Del Mar, or Oklahoma By the Sea) and the politics are the best soap opera I've ever seen! You should check it out! Lookin' forward to the premier. Grass E Ass!

Katz said...

It's great to see they're letting special needs children make videos and write blogs. See you kids in Austin...

Danny, Writer/Director said...

Hey Annonymous,

Thanks for your comments. While we understand those in Humboldt who are concerned about the image of the area, we agree with you. It is a place where marijuana plays a role and that can't be denied. But you are also right that the place is far more complicated and interesting than just that fact alone.