Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ahoy Planet Earth

Ahoy. And welcome to “Humboldt County.” Over the course of the next few months and years, Darren and I will be putting “words” on this “blog.” Hopefully, some of those “words” will relate to our “movie” Humboldt County.

First, a note. Darren and I do not have a positive relationship with technology. And by “positive relationship with technology” I mean technology has a tendency to make sure we’re alone and then beat us mercilessly with a blunt object - usually a sharp spoon. I mention this because there might be times when you read this blog and it is filled with gobbledygook like “harberioskjd Jkjoinfn.” If that happens, it’s because of Darren and I and our inability to handle anything more technologically advanced than a game of Hungry Hippos. So I apologize in advance.

Now, the movie. We’ve got some big premier news which I can’t share with you all yet but will soon. What I can share is that we’re getting ready to put HC back on film for the first time next week. It’s very exciting. We’ll see it for the first time as intended – on the beauty of a 35mm print.

Let’s talk soon! What have you guys been up to?

Asdhkjdecjdhgaer asdhjkhe,


Charov said...

"A blunt object" equals "a sharp spoon"?

Nice blog. It looks like you're having a lot of fun with it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Darren !!!
I hope the movie Humboldt County is going to be on the silver screen . Can you tell all of us beloved Humboldtens when your expecting " Humboldt County " to be released ?

Anonymous said...

If it's a success will and when will Humboldt County two be filmed ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny !!!!
Have you kept my friend Jerry Droz's part in the movie ? He had another lead role offer in another movie but he turned it down for whatever reason he didn't say . I hope you kept him . I think he's a great actor & will be an asset to your movie Humboldt County . Can you let me know ? You can also find him on You Tube pretending to be mad at Mayor Peter LaValle . Alex & lucinda

Danny, Director said...

Hey guys! Thanks for posting and keeping up to date with the comings and goings of the film. Tell everyone you know about the blog and the coming website! We want to get as much buzz going as possible.

Now, to your questions.
1. Humboldt County 2? ha! I'd say it's unlikely.
2. As far as release date -- keep stay tuned to the site. As soon as we can reveal info to you, we will!
3. Alex & Lucinda - hello! Do you remember which scene Jerry was in? I believe he was an extra and I can't quite remember which scene he was in...