Monday, December 3, 2007

Meet the Humboldters & Thanks...


In an effort to get into the holiday spirit and also demonstrate just how hard your faithful Humboldt County crew is working to bring you the very best film possible, I'm posting the first "visual image" to this blog. We'd like for this blog to function as an opportunity for you to learn more about this motion picture and the people behind it, and as such we hope to utilize new technologies (such as photography) to aid in the process.

In this first image, you will find key members of the team caught candidly during a Saturday night "bowling" meeting. This photograph was snapped unbeknownst to the 8, who were actually in the midst of a discussion of marketing strategies for the film.

At far left you will find "Peymon the Purple", who supervises music and is also enveloped in the right arm of the film's composer: iZLER. Nestled snugly behind said composer is costume designer Amy. Amy's clothes are so dangerous, she will not allow them to be photographed clearly. Seated in the king's chair, overseeing the mayhem is the grinning grandpappy of it all, Captain Deadpan (CD), who's facial expression is brilliantly being mocked by director Danny, directly above him. Actor Chris sits on CD's lap, a seat in which all of us have unfortunately found ourselves at some point during this filmmaking process. The man above Chris is director Darren, whose unsuccessful attempt at coolness shocks no one, and at his right is the growling yet still incredibly attractive Renee, who has fulfilled her life's charity quota by dating director Darren. (Not pictured: everyone else)

As you may or may not know, Danny and I first met years ago at a Missouri Garbage Pail Kids convention held at the Ramada Inn at the Lake of the Ozarks. At just 11 yeas old, we were immediately drawn to each other's incredibly meticulous and organized collections of the famed cards. I know I'll never forget Danny's mint condition "Cranky Frankie" exhibit, and Danny told me he was drawn to my "Hairy Mary" collage.

Since that time, Danny and I have had the good fortune to work with many extraordinary people, but NONE of them have been as incredible as the good people who've helped bring Humboldt County to the big screen. As we prepare to put the final touches on the film in the next two weeks, we seriously cannot offer enough gratitude to all the many people who put everything they had into making this film come alive.

Talk to you all soon,

Darren & Danny

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