Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Even Las Vegas has the Internet!

Hello from the Wynn Casino.

I'm sitting currently in the Terrace Pointe Cafe at the bar, drinking a Maker's Mark and using the free wifi provided by Mr. Steve Wynn. Just checking emails, doing a bit of writing, killing time in a way that does NOT involve losing money: that's just life circa December 2007; I don't ever have to be away from the wonderful world wide web and our loyal blog readers (unless, of course, I'm hanging with Aunt Laura in her hobbit hut nestled deep in the woods of southern Humboldt. There, flush toilets are hard to come by, let alone an internet connecton! Note that this is a choice that Aunt Laura makes as to how she lives, and it is not reflective of the life of a typical Humboldt County resident. No angry comments, please).

The Wynn is indeed a fine hotel, and the price is right (as Danny mentioned, my room is comped thanks to my lovely lady). But I sensed some bitterness in Danny's last post. It was subtle, to be sure, beneath the surface, but when you've known someone as long as I've known Danny, you can just tell. I thought I'd address the implication that I'm off galavanting in paradise while Danny toils away in LA working his little tail off. I'll address it this way: it's absolutely true.

And I'm not apologizing for it. Don't get me wrong. I feel bad that Danny and his lovely lady are not in the room next to us. Just as I'm sure Danny had sympathy for me that I wasn't with him for the month he spent in Miami in a free hotel and studio per diem working on the Bachelor Party movie. Just as he surely also felt pity for his poor friend Darren, holding down the fort in LA while he trekked around Australia for three weeks.

Danny's had it rough, you see. Never more than now, while his friend Darren spends three days in Vegas. Three days. Rough.


But seriously, coming soon on this blog expect more casting posts, as well as some in depth looks at the filmmaking process we went through in behind the scenes videos. There may even be an addiotional blog from a very special guest. We've got lots of little goodies and nuggets to throw your way in the coming weeks. I'll try to update again from Vegas, but I make no guarantees. I've been drinking throughout this post, and, well, it's getting more and more difficult to type.

Love to you all, especially to poor Danny,

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Next Character....Please ! How about
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