Sunday, June 22, 2008

PTown Pics

Hellooooo from Provincetown! Fascinating times. Both screenings went really well. We basically sold both of them out. The response was very good and people seemed to dig the film.

In other news, a 50 year old man bought me a drink. First time that's happened, to be sure.

Below some photographs of our journey so far.

Twice, Dgro and I took a pretty strenuous bike ride through the dunes. It's gorgeous. And they gave us the bikes for free. In this picture, I am tired.

Dgro and I moments before our first screening on Friday night.

Darren, Me, Daryl (director of the doc "Sex Positive"), and the ethereal Ashley (PTown resident) pose dramatically at the dunes.

Darren and Josephine (Director of the film "Bi The Way") head to the ocean after our bike ride.

Me looking dumb on the ferry from Boston to Provincetown.

Darren and Georgina (Director of the film "Older than America") on the ferry from Boston.

Welcome to PTown. Nuff said.


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Anonymous said...

i see that the neat/scruffy dynamic for you two continues, inverted from sxsw...
looks like a fun place!