Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Duper Tuesday Indeed...

We want to officially announce that Humboldt County will be making its World Premiere this March at the South by Southwest Film Festival, in Austin, Texas (as many of you may have already suspected by the presence of the SXSW laurel adorning this blog, over to the right).

We are ECSTATIC to be premiering at such a prestigious festival. The time has come to unleash this picture on the masses, and there is no better place for the film to begin its journey.

Much more to come soon. We hope to see many of you in Austin!

Today is a day for Republicans, Democrats, as well as your two intrepid writer-directors, to unite and for once speak with one voice:

Darren AND Danny


Josh said...

Hell yes. Party at my house. Also, we're going bowling.

Josh said...

Best news ever.

We're going bowling in Austin.