Friday, April 10, 2009

I have come so far....or have I?

So I'm at home in St. Louis for a few days before heading to New York and my mom just brought out a very old piece of writing of mine. It may, in fact, be my first story. And I think it's rather awesome. It's got a Charlie Kaufman-esqueness to it, if I do say so myself. If anyone would like to option it, you can contact me via this blog. Here it is, exactly as I wrote it so many years ago (typos and all):


Whon day a boy was riteing a story about monsters.
He made a mistake so he went to get a eraser.
When he came back the monsters wher a live
They grabed him under the desk.
And tered his face off.
And then a nother boy made a story about a hero.
And he made a mistake so he went to get a eraser.
When he came back the hero was alive and he cilled the boy.
And the monsters. Then the hero wnt out side.
Then evry body screamed and went to a nother planet.



YEAR 1986

Age 7 ½

Four people in family


brendan Koepenick said...

hey is there anyway i can read a rough draft of your new script new york challenge or is that way out of the question due to liability and copy wrights? humboldt county was the best movie ive seen in a while cant wait for your next movie.

Billygoat said...

I'm hoping there is going to be a follow up to Humboldt county! Loved the movie and wish I was around for the filming.

Would be a shame if you didn't bring peter back to the boldt as a doctor in search of his child that bogart had and Bogart is dieing of cancer. Peter fill's in as the local doctor

Jack finishes his work and doesn't know what to do.

Rosie is dealing with the death of Max and Charity is becoming a young women.

Got tons of idea's for a second installment.

Great job on the first one. Will be looking out for other films.

Katie said...

This story was absolutely delightful...the ending made me laugh out loud.

How wonderful that your mom saved the story for you.

Please let us know if it gets a buyer!!

Attended the opening show in Eurkea. Loved Humboldt County and loved seeing all my locations on film...waiting for my DVD to arrive so I can show the hubby.

Keep up the great work!!

Ruralrose said...

I loved your movie. I loved the character development and the acting. I especially like the use of sunlight, oh yes that was especially delightful. I love the hats, especially the cat hat. I didn't want the story to end. I want more. This movie was remarkable. We watch lots of movies at our house. I rarely will sit until the end. I watched your movie twice. I loved it just as much the second time. I was sorry to see it end. You boys did a really good job here. Just my two cents, thanks for letting me share. Peace for all

Sam Henzel said...
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