Friday, October 3, 2008

The Big Apple

So last year, Darren and I lived in New York for three months while we worked on our next script (set in the city). We got a sublet in the Lower East Side (Norfolk and Rivington to be exact) and would often frequent the Sunshine Theater on Houston street when we needed a break from the awfullness and amazingness that is writing. Tonight, "Humboldt County" opens in that very theater. It really is one of our favorite theaters in the city so we're incredibly psyched.

Overall, it's been great to be back here in the greatest city in the world. It feels like home, though I've barely lived here. Someday. Hopefully someday soon.

In the meantime, Darren and I are doing our best to ignore the reviews (both positive and negative). The New York Times review came out today and was mostly positive, while the New York Post was mostly (okay, totally) negative. Reading these reviews is hard. When they are positive, it feels like someone is complimenting us. When they are negative, it feels like we are being shivved in the side with a knife. I have realized how frighteningly small is the psychic space between my concept of self and that of my film. But I guess when you devote the majority of your 20s to something, such an emotional divide (or lack of one) is inevitable.

In other news:

"Humboldt County" wins its first award! The film played at the Idaho International Film Festival last weekend and won the award for best narrative feature!! We eeked out the prize from another Magnolia film that I saw at the Provincetown Film Fest (and which won the award for best narrative feature at this year's Tribeca Film Festival): "Let The Right One In." It's a really great film and we're honored to have trounced it handily. :)

Finally, our soundtrack is finally available on Itunes!!! We're really proud of it and for everyone that has seen the film, you know what a great job our composer, Izler, and our music supervisor, Peymon, did. Just search for "Humboldt County" on Itunes and it should come up.

My only regret about coming to New York City is that in a few days I'll have to leave.


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Cinemaniac said...

Hey, guys! Congratulations on your award =).

I stopped in the Landmark Sunshine to see Hamlet 2 and Choke a couple weekends ago, prior to going to the NYFF (to see Michelle Williams be amazing in Wendy and Lucy). And for BOTH movies, they showed a preview for Humboldt County. I was hooked instantly. I love movies with the aura that yours had. So I've been really eager to see it.

This past weekend when it was released, I was just sosososo busy. I mean, clusterfuck busy. And I was emo about not being able to find the time to come in and see HC. Then I went up to Boston. And now it seems like I won't make it back in time to catch HC, and I'm really sad about that.

I am absolutely dying to see HC though. So I was wondering: Is there any chance it'll be re-released in a different NYC theater next weekend? Or will it be available online prior to January's DVD release (By the way, is that a guarantee?).

Back home, I do actually have Comcast Digital Cable. Will it still be available ON Demand by this Saturday/Sunday? Please let me know any details you can to help me figure out a way to see your film ^_^.